Nomalizing vent And You!

So you've joined vent and Slappie's soothing voice is floating out of the speakers while Iulu's shrill laughter echos around your room and Beldwarf's voice is nothing more then a muted whisper.

How can you make the quiet ones louder and the louder ones quiet all at the same time and still keep your eardrums intact? Just follow these steps.

1. open Vent and connect to the server, then click the "Setup" Option.

2. Make sure "Use Direct Sound" is checked, then click "SFX"

3. Select "Compressor" From the menu on the right and click "<-Add" to move it over to the Left. then click "Properties"

4. move the sliders to the following options.
You can adjust the top scrollbar "Gain" to increase the volume to your liking.

Gain: -5
Attack: 0.01
Release: 511
Threshold: -30
Ratio: 100.0
Pre Delay: 4.0

Thats all there is to it. Now when people talk on vent they should all be around the same volume, unless their mic sucks.