Forum Rules

  • No spam.
  • Do not post the same topic in multiple forums.
  • Limit images to sizes that do not cause the forums to break format or cause side scrolling.

Ingame Rules

  • Please Limit Swearing. We understand that sometimes you have to vent, but we don't want blatent spaming of cuss words.If it gets out of hand you'll be warned by an officer.
  • Do not spam Guild Chat.
  • Do not repeatly ask for runs through instances, if you don't get a responce right away refer to ingame rule # 2 above.
  • We are glad to help members where ever we can, but we are not a charity, we won't play your character for you, if you need help, ask, but don't expect it everytime from the same people.
  • If a Guild member asks for help and you are able to provide it, Please try to do so.
  • No Drama! If you don't like someone in the guild, talk to an officer and lets try to resolve it. to many /gquits happen for stupid reasons, lets solve it before you leave and cause drama.
  • Please pay attention to guild MOTD(message of the Day) if it requests you to visit the forums, please do so.
  • Respect the officers/guild leadership.
  • When you have the chance, please help the guild by depositing money and items in the guild bank, not only will it help yourself, but you can benift from others contributing.
  • Please do not put useless items in the guild bank. if you don't know if we need it or not, ask an officer or vendor/AH and deposit the gold instead.
  • Please conduct yourself as best as you can while playing with guild members and even non guild members. we don't want to present ourselves as douches to possible recruits or pugs.

Raid Rules/policy

  • Please show up to raids ontime. If you have signed up for a raid and cannot make it or are late, do not be suprised if we pug or replace you for another guildmate. showing up late does not entitle you to have your replacement kicked and you invited.
  • You may only roll for items which are an upgrade for your MAIN SPEC. Your main spec is considered the role which you are fulfilling in the current raid. Unless you are asked to switch for the purpose of the raid. (Example: You came in as a DPS but we needed you to heal, you may roll for the DPS gear as we asked you to switch to an offspec)
  • If no rolls have been given for a particular loot item for main specs, you may roll for your offspec role.
  • In the event of PUG's filling out a raid, All guild members will roll from 50-100 by performing a /roll 50-100. This will allow pug members fair chance at loot as well as increase the odds of loot going to a guild member.
  • Orbs and Patterns will be looted by the master looter and placed in the raid tab of the guild bank. If you want a pattern from the tab, please whisper a quartermaster and link your trade skill with the correct rank to learn the pattern.
  • Only one loot item per boss.
  • Trophies/tokens will are one per raid.
  • If you have already won an item off a boss, the next item you win may be looted to the second highest roller for the sake of fair loot.
  • The guild bank may at times be enabled to allow repairs. While this feature is active all members of the raid from the guild are expected to use it for RAID RELATED repairs only. abuse will have this revoked.
  • All guild members are fully expected to be able to cover the cost of their own repairs, ammo, flasks and food. when able an officer will supply these but at no point is it expected for handouts. be self sufficiant.
  • If you require access to the last tab of the guild bank, Please whisper an officer with the rank of Quartermaster or above. The last tab is for raid related mats and items.
  • A raid is not over until the raid Leader/officer in charge calls it.