Who: Drunken raiders is a Guild in World of Warcraft.

What: Our goal is to form a casual raiding guild and tackle the challenges of 10 player raiding in World of Warcraft.

When: Some of our members play in different time zones, so at least one member is normally on line at any given time and more people will of course be online during peak game periods.

Since the guild is fairly casual and we want to allow members to attend who may have school and work in the morning, our raid times may vary from month to month or even week to week. Our goal is to do Ulduar content on Tuesday's and Wednesday's between the hours of 7:30pm-8:30pm until Midnight or 1:00am.

we also try to do Naxxrammas runs on Friday's during the same time. Other raids such as Vault, Obsidian Sanctum and Onyxia will be schedualed on Thursday or during the weekend/Monday.

Where: Our guild is located on the US realm "Skywall". as evidenced by the handsome draenei in the logo, we play Alliance Side.

Why: Several of the founding guild members came from another guild on Skywall. After leveling together and reaching the level cap and doing 5-player heroic after 5-player heroic; these guild mates decided that they wanted to advance their WoW characters via raiding.

Since we were in a Great guild, but not very raid centric, those few core members of Drunken Pirates decided to form a 10 man raiding guild. As we continue to grow our members and expand in our raid knowledge we would like to eventually move into top tier raiding and possibly expand into 25 players raids once we have sufficiant numbers.

If you are looking to join the guild or want more information, you can visit our forums and check out the recruitment forum, or you can whisper on officer in game, you can see who the officers are by visiting our Member Roster.