The Empire of Ru-Nal: Creation of The World


In the beginning there was nothing, then Nal gave the nothing shape – creating the land and the sky and the water.

Nal thought The World was good, but longed for companionship; So Nal created a wife Un-Nal, and he was happy.

His Wife soon grew bored with the empty World and asked for something she could care for, so Nal created four children.

However, the children did not bring Un-Nal the happiness she desired, as the children grew in their innate powers, they began to bicker and torment each other. So Nal gave unto each of his children a task. While Un-Nal was busy watching the Children, Nal set his eyes on new creations. He called them Man, and he watched as they spread across The World. To give them company on the material plane, Nal Also created a multitude of plants and animals so that they could have food and clothes.

Yet while they spread, they too fought like the gods above.

So Nal tasked each of his children with a charge.

To Ru-Archon, he charged with showing Man how to defend themselves and protect their loved ones.
To Ru-Rhóna, he charged with showing Man compassion and love and how to heal the sick and wounded.
To Ru-Mhindi, he charged with showing man the wisdom and knowledge of The World.
And finally, to Ru-Talia he charged with showing Man how to farm the land, harvest the plants and feed and cloth themselves.

This did not work the way Nal had planned, soon enough the scattered tribes of Man had formed into four great clans, each worshiping their patron god. The followers of Ru-Archon became violent and warlike, raiding other clans and spreading their dominance. The Followers of Ru-Rhóna built temples to house the sick and poor, but kept their skills and knowledge of the healing arts a tightly kept secret. The Followers of Ru-Mhindi wrote volumes of text and locked away the knowledge in great tomes. The followers of Ru-Talia hoarded their food supplies and refused to share.

The simmering hatred for each clan soon turned to war that ravaged the clans for eons, until the coming of Tyr.


A purpose in life

This website used to have a purpose.

It was stupid, and childish, but it was a purpose. now it’s just a show about nothing.

I don’t remember the dates, it’s kind of hard to because it was so long ago, but it started in the early 2000’s with a nerd in high school who loved the game Star War: Jedi Knight – Dark Forces II and a newly discovered curiosity of Dragon Ball Z.

A well known modder going by the name Shred, at the fan site (a shadow of it’s former self now) had been working on a mod, well a Total Conversion Mod, for JK:II. It got to be large enough that he needed to put together a team and most of the well known modders in the Massassi community had at least SOME participation in the development of the mod, whether they contributed with scripting, textures, level design or modeling, it was surely one of the largest and most ambitious mods to come out of the community.

It was big enough that it even had it’s own community and thats where the story of began.

On the Dragon Ball Z TC website, SOMEONE had managed to get a copy of a developer build of the mod and leaked it to the internet, this was of course rather scandalous as the hard work Shred and his team had put in was leaked early and not finished – but it didn’t stop people from downloading and playing it.

in an effort to curb discussion about the unfinished beta mod, it was forbidden to be discussed on the official mod forums, so a user named Bus Driver along with Nsinger created and hosted their own forums that couldn’t be censored by the tyrannical moderators at the DBZ TC forums, and Outlaw-Inc was formed.

It didn’t really do much, a lot of discussion about the Mod, and a lot of other niche forums opened up but ultimately the community wasn’t big enough to sustain itself and over time it just died as the users matured and outgrew Jedi knight and the now decade and a half old Mod – went to college, got jobs and started to live life.

During the height of the controversy NSinger who was hosting the website couldn’t afford to continue, so I took over hosting. but as the community of Outlaw-Inc died – I kept the domain. I don’t know what this site will be now, but it’s purpose has been fulfilled.