Happy 2nd Birthday!
Bradnoy | 15/08/2011 | 12:00 AM |

Another Year another fantastic time to be had.

The guild turned 2 years old today, and many of the people we started with are still kicking.

Many have left us for other guilds, servers or retired for other games altogether, But the family of the Drunken Pirates has continued.

This last winter saw the inclusion of the guild levels and perks that the guild stepped up together to achieve and as a guild we leveled to 25 rather quickly.

we also got some new officers, some new raiders and some new casual players.

It took some time, but we downed all the new raid content and we've also been working on the newest Fire lands raids.

The fact that we've stuck together this long is a testament of the fun that we try to have and the good times that has been had all around, sure we've had our ups, and we've had our downs. But I look forward to another great year of Drunken Pirate goodness.

Happy Birthday to everyone in the Drunken Pirates.


Beth'tilac Down
Bradnoy | 28/07/2011 | 12:00 AM |

The Drunken Pirates are still kicking and we're working on firelands. So far we have an epic near wipe for Beth'tilac where only the two tanks made it out alive. (thank God for mass res)

To see more of our exploits, check out the screenshot gallery.


Cho'gall Down
Bradnoy | 11/05/2011 | 10:05 PM |

Tonight, the late night raid group got the guild's first Cho'gall kill. we're starting to push through content a lot faster and cleaner then we have been and both raid teams are doing awesome progress.

So far the early team lead by Johntom and Mystic have cleared up to Nefarian in BWD, and up to council on BoT.

The late night team now has cleared regular BoT and is currently on Nefarian in BWD. Screw Tot4W. that raid sucks.

Johntom also has started to put together a 25m raid on Wednesdays at their regular start time of 6PM server.

Looking forward to finishing off their tier of raiding before the next patch makes this all outdated.

If you happen to have screenshot of Boss kills, or fun moments in the guild or random crap you want to show on the website (guild related, obviously) PM me ingame, or email me the screen shots or post them to the forums/facebook page.


Bradnoy | 07/02/2011 | 8:01 PM |

Been a long time since I posted an update on the main page.


We've downed Halfus our first raid boss, and raiding is coming along much slower then I expected, seems no one is interested in raiding in the guild, which isn't true as many people have tried to get raids going.

What we're lacking is people being consistent and on time. If you want to raid, raids will be posted on the ingame calendar, as well you can check out this forum to discuss the best times to raid and your role, etc, etc.

Some new screenshots have gone up in the gallery, we have a few new mugshots and some random images, as well as our halfus kill screenshot.

Hopefully when I have more time, I'll continue the storyline I have written up for the comic as well.


Bradnoy | 12/12/2010 | 10:04 AM |


The cataclysm is here and we're all working towards the ultimate goal of raiding some bosses.

Grats to those who've dinged 85! and welcome to all the new members that Adorer has been bringing into the guild and all the new members who join as we work on gearing up once again for Cata heroics and raids.